Vaginal Tightening Methods – How to Get a Tighter Vagina

Vaginal tightening methods are aimed at restoring tightness in your vagina. Most women experience looseness in their vagina either due to childbirth or due to other factors such as age etc., Not just this, a vast majority of women experience vaginal dryness post menopause. This can also result in loss of firmness in the vagina.

Here are some of the vaginal tightening methods that ca make your vaginal tight and firm and make sex pleasurable once again.


These exercises are called Kegels and they are highly recommended by doctors after childbirth or before menopause in order to keep your vagina tight and firm. These exercises are extremely simple perform. A kegel is performer by squeezing the pelvic muscles just they way you would do to stop urine midstream for a few seconds before releasing them.

Kegels can be performed any where and any time and they can also make you learn how to manipulate your pelvic muscle during intercourse.


Surgery is another method that can help make your vagina tight. This procedure is called Vaginoplasty and it involves pulling back loose skin and removing any excess skin. Surgery is perhaps an extreme option and should be considered after enough thought. It is a painful and expensive procedure. Not just this, it can also result in infection, excessive bleeding, loss of sensation in the vagina etc.,


This is perhaps the best and the most effective option to tighten your vagina naturally. Such creams are packed with natural herbs and other ingredients that ensure instant tightening on application. Some of the top nitch creams are made with ingredients such as mirofirm, oak gall extract, witch hazel, vitamin E, aloe vera, panax ginseng etc.,

These creams not only ensure instant tightening of the vaginal muscles but also helps boost your libido. More importantly, they provide relief from vaginal dryness by ensuring better lubrication.

Good quality creams are 100% natural and do not have any adverse side effects.

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